Winner winner chicken dinner, Beastro wins #80 in Las Vegas

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I personally didn’t do a whole lot of showing this year and yesterday was my last event and final chance to pick up another win with Beastro. In the first couple shows he was a little off his game but in final show he pulled through and won Best of Breed and Best in Show. The 80th Best Of Breed win of his career. Many thanks to all that made it possible. Cassandra Lee for watching our crazy kids, Young Nubbz for holding down the yard and especially James Feltus for another great event and for picking Beastro. I really wanted to go out on a winning note with the beast and to get it on the last show of the night, in my the last event of the year, was a special feeling. My final shot with the Michael Jordan of American Bullies was a swish!! Now it’s Young Nubbz turn to try and go out with a Beastro-Bang next weekend in Florida. Beastro won the first two best of breeds of his career in Florida, let’s see if he can get last wins of his career there, too. 


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Beastro is king at the Queen Mary show winning best of breed

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Beastro wins Best of Breed in Long Beach, California yesterday. Great job Young Nubbz and Beastro! I had a great time at this show. Awesome venue and a huge turn out. This one was reminiscent of the old days, for sure. More pics from the show coming later today.

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Beastro strikes gold wins three best of breeds in colorado

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Our family road trip to Colorado was a lot of fun and Beastro put the cherry on top with three Best In Show wins, yesterday! Making that a total of 78 ABKC Best of Breed wins in his career.

These were special wins for me, as they were my first of the year with Beastro and may be my last. With Young Nubbz being our primary handler and Beastro retiring at the end of the year, this was one of my last chances to win with the Beast and he didn’t disappoint. Putting on one of his best performances with me yet, in the final show of the day. Many thanks to everyone that made it possible and showed us love at the show.

Now, with two months left in the living legends long and illustrious career, here’s to finishing this thing off strong!!! Wether you like him or not, one has to respect what the boy has been able to accomplish.

Long live Beastro!!!

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Beastro wins best of breed in Woodland, Ca

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Beastro wins Best of Breed in Northern California today. That’s the 20th this year and 75th of his career. Great job, Young Nubbz and Beastro!

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Thee Buss rolls to his Champion title in Las Vegas

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A week after defeating Beastro for his first best of breed, Thee Buss came to Vegas ready for more action. He did great winning multiple majors including a Best of Winners. He went up against his sire for Best of Breed but this time Beastro took it. Still very special wins as that puts Thee Buss with over 150 points and an ABKC Champion title at just 11 months. Now to start working towards his Grand Champion title.

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Beastro wins big in Las Vegas

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beastro las vegas

Young Nubbz and Beastro did great at the show over the weekend, bringing home two best of breeds, a best in show and a 40inch flat screen TV. Special thanks to James Feltus for putting on another great event for the community. 

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Beastro skateboard decks are now available!

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The Beastro skateboards are now available at! The white version is limited edition numbered to 100. Be sure to order yours today while supplies last.


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