Beastro and Kandi stay hot; Win big in San Jose

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Beastro wins Best of Breed San Jose

Beastro wins Best of Breed, Kandi Best Champion.


Beastro and his daughter Kandi both appear to have carried their momentum from last month into April. Champion Kandi is now only two wins away from her Grand Champion title after winning Best Champion against some stiff competition in San Jose on Saturday. It is a true testament to the quality of a female when she is able to defeat other Champion males so the journey towards her Grand Champion has been fun. We’re looking  to join her amongst some elite company as only a select group of females have achieved their ABKC Grand Champion title. We are always up to a challenge.

Beastro showed up and showed out like he has done so many times before in his career. The most consistent show dog in the history of the breed, the American Bully that has displayed more longevity than any of his counterparts; Beastro won Best Grand Champion and another Best of Breed. The third of the year for Beastro. Considering he finished 2013 ranked #1 and didn’t get his first win until late April, we like his chances to finish 2014 among the top bullies in the world. Making a 3rd strong run for the top and cementing his legacy as one of the most durable and dominant show dogs the bully community has seen to date. Any dog can have one strong year but three? If the old “dog years” adage holds true of a ratio of 7:1 dog to human years, Beastro’s career will be equivalent to that of a 21+ year veteran in his profession. Love him or hate him he is special. One of , if not THEE greatest so enjoy it while it lasts. Next stop for Beastro and the crew, Oregon.


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