Thee Buss crowned 2015 ABKC Top Dog

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With the 2015 show season officially over, GrCh Thee Buss has finished the year at the top of the heap and will be crowned the 2015 Top Dog!

I want to thank everyone that helped make this achievement possible. The ABKC and all its staff, all the show hosts, judges, competitors and the rest of the people that make up the bully community. Thank you to everyone putting in work for the bully breed and making our community a reality!

A super special thanks to – Nolan Walker, our collaboration proved to a a force, my friend. I couldn’t be happier with our choice in THEE BUSS. I knew he was going to be special and when I told you I was going to send him all over the place to shows I meant it. He’s proof you can really push the bully boundaries but keep it correct and functional if you do it right!  David Doubenmier, you came on the team later in the year but your presence and willingness to work hard like our bro, Nubbz, proved to be invaluable as we executed our plans to perfection. Cassandra Jade Lee, you continue to be a backbone of the family, always taking care of and tending to the kids, shipping dogs, training dogs, answering emails from dusk till dawn and so much more that propels this program. That’s why I call you Super Mom.  Jonathon Houfek, aka Nubbz aka Mr. Automatic, your selflessness continues to shine through our dogs. You rarely ask questions, you just make it happen! Even if that means pulling solo, all nighters across country. Your grind is unsurpassed and showed again throughout 2015. I couldn’t ask for a better teammate or brother.

Now without further delay here’s a fresh new photo your 2015 Top Dog, GrCh THEE BUSS. An eye-popping 34 Best of Breed wins in the calendar year and the youngest American Bully to win the Top Dog award.

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