Puppies for sale


Meatball x Yoga female available!


SOLD headed to Canada! This spunky little Buss granddaughter is ready to go to her perfect new home! She’s up to date on shots and deworming and is now 11 weeks old. She gets along great with other dogs and loves kids! Pet and show home pricing available. Email or call us for info on her!














SOLD- Headed to Philidelphia!! This handsome boy is available! He’s sired by our young stud Huckleberry bred to Jellybean. He has a quiet personality and is the calmest pup in the litter. Pet
and show/breeding price available. Contact us for more info !

thebullymarket@yahoo.com 0r (760) 521-2426\




 Blue tri male 2x BussFullSizeRender-6

SOLD- Headed to Michigan! This beautiful boy has the looks and temperament to make a great show / breed prospect. Send us an email or call for more info! thebullymarket@yahoo.com







Blue tri male Bogart x Juicebox


Sold- headed to Philadelphia! Flashy little blue tri male available from our latest Bogart breeding.  This boy has got some serious bone! Send us an email to thebullymarket@yahoo.com or call/text for more info.









Bogart x Chakra female available


SOLD- Headed to Kentucky Flashy girl that is fit for the show ring! This girl is going places and has the pedigree behind her as well. send us an email to thebullymarket@yahoo.com if you are interested in this girl. She won’t be available for long!









Huckleberry x Jellybean Male


Sold Local in California! Almost all blue male available off of Huckleberry x Jellybean. This boy is going to have a nice big head! He is very active and loves to play. Send us an email for more info! thebullymarket@yahoo.com or (559) 790-9314









Mr. Squish x Puma Male


Sold – Headed to Texas! Very special show quality male from Mr. Squish first litter! This little guy is already turning heads. We are offering him to a co own situation ONLY. Perspective home must have knowledge on co owning and also breeding / showing bullies. send us an email to thebullymarket@yahoo.com or (760) 521-2426 for more info









fawnbussmaleBuss x Miss Mack Male

This handsome little dude is available to the perfect pet home! Very sweet temperament and loves to play! Email thebullymarket@yahoo.com or call/ text 559-790-9314 for more info!









Black tri female

Beautiful female available from our Buss x Miss Mack litter. She is available to the perfect pet home or co own situation with someone who has experience with this breed and showing. Email thebullymarket@yahoo.com or text 559-790-9314 for more info!





Blue Bentley x Truberry Male

This boy comes from one of our very exclusive collaborations and we would like him to either find the perfect pet home or co own situation . In order to be considered for co own on this boy you must have purchased a dog from us before. Please email thebullymarket@yahoo.com or text 559-790-9314







Beastly Mr. Squish son

Looking for the perfect pet home (no breeding) for this boy! He is going to be BIG. Send us an email to thebullymarket@yahoo.com or text 559-790-9314 for more info!








Bogart x Chakra female

We are looking for the perfect co own situation for this beauty! She has a lot of show potential. Email thebullymarket@yahoo.com or text 559-790-9314 for more info!








Meatball x Militia female

available on co own or to the perfect pet home. If sold as a pet she will be spayed before leaving











5 Month old Buss daughter

available to a companionship only home, will be spayed / neutered before shipping! Very sweet and good with other dogs / kids


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