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Feltus Bullys #ThinkLikeAChampion Award

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We were at the Vegas show on Saturday and my brother told me before the show, “they want you to go up there”. Great…. I thought I was going to have to talk on the Mic, in front of the crowd, which I wasn’t looking forward to. I reluctantly headed to the ring with Young Nubbz and Beastro anyways.

I do not like public speaking so I’m sitting there in the ring, kinda dreading over what ever it is I’m going to have to say. Next thing I know, I see James Feltus Feltus Bullys heading our way with a huge trophy in hand. Suddenly, I was happy to be there! LOL go figure.

Turns out, we were there to receive an award. An award that I had no idea was headed our way so it was a very special and emotional moment. We’ve won a lot of trophies and awards but to be recognized by a fellow peer and fancier in the bully community, for our work over the years, is a very humbling feeling. James, I can not thank you enough for our “Think Like A Champion” award and that special memory.

#InHomieBloodWeTrust #ThinkLikeAChampion

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Our Bully Creations GrCh Beastro Trophy

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[singlepic id=187 w=520 h=540 float=center]

Robert Lee with artist Angela Brown of @bullycreations after receiving the 001/100 #Beastro trophy. I really love this! it looks just like our boy. Thanks again @bullycreations we really can’t thank you enough. AMAZING job!! This was truly an honor. I cant wait to start having fun with it in pics LOL.  #theBullyMarket #HomieBlood

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Updated 2012 Best of Breed Win Map

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Well September is in the books and there are 9 months down in the American bully show year. Very pleased with where our dogs are at thus far. Beastro has accumulated 20 ABKC Best In Breeds stretching across TWELVE states! Right on track for our goal for the year. Then its on to 2013… New year, New Goals. But first we’re going to finish 2012 the same way we have been going all year… STRONG!

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Grand Champion Beastro Suited Up

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[singlepic id=164 w=520 h=440 float=center]
Grand Champion Beastro ready to handle some american bully business

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Grand Champion Beastro is ready to shoot some hoops

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[singlepic id=163 w=520 h=440 float=center]

Grand Champion Beastro’s got on his jordans and ready to play some basketball homie blood style.

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