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Once again Beastro shines in the Sunshine State

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Beastro keeps his Florida winning streak alive; Wins Best of Breed and Best in Show

February 2012 Beastro traveled to Florida and went on to win the first two Best of Breeds of his career. Two years and 57 wins later he was back in a highly anticipated event between some of the top dogs of 2014. Grand Champion Beastro prevailed, winning the 60th Best of Breed of his career and to top it off a Best in Show. This was a milestone win for Beastro and The Bully Market; solidifying Beastro as one of the all time greats. Best of Breed wins in all regions, for three straight years and against the top dogs from each year. That is an average of 20 Best of Breeds for 3 years straight and this year is only half way through. Not an easy task in a fast moving, forever changing and sometimes fickle bully world. He may not be winning at the pace that he did when he was younger but he still has fun traveling everywhere and he still stacks up with the best of them. A dogs prime doesn’t last long so we are enjoying every moment of it.



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Derp stays hot; wins Best of Breed in Albuquerque

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Beastro and his offspring court big attention in New Mexico but Derp gets the big win

On a day when Beastro and his progeny stole the show outside the ring, Grand Champion Derp put on an amazing performance to take the cake inside the ring with a Best of Breed win. Defeating some of the best dogs the south west has to offer and his big brother Beastro. Not even two years old yet, look for Derp to start making a push towards the top of the rankings as he begins to mature. One of the best structured dogs in our program and having achieved so much success at such a young age we are very excited to see what 2015 has in store for Derp.




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Beastro trail blazes his way to Best in Show in Portland

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beastro oregon


It was a beautiful day in Portland, Oregon Saturday April 12th and Grand Champion Beastro performed as such. He went on to win Best of Breed and Best in Show against some of the Pacific North West’s best competition. It was Beastro’s 59th Best of Breed win in the ABKC. He looks to keep up his winning ways in what will be his final year of showing. From Ali to Jordan to Beastro legends like these are once in a life time. Be sure to check out the legend in the show while you have the chance. Coming to a show near you.

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Grand Champion Beastro is offically crowned 2013 Top Dog

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Beastro 2013 ABKC Top Dog

Beastro ends an amazing 2013 as ABKC’s Top Dog


What started out as a fairly uneventful beginning to 2013, not really showing steadily until late April, ended up being a very successful year. By May, Beastro had catapulted to the top of the rankings. By June Beastro was the most winning American Bully in ABKC history. Beastro held the top rank all year long and did it primarily from the West Coast. Not an easy task when it comes to the lack of shows in the western region compared to the eastern region. Being the most winning American Bully in history comes with a price and many will be gunning for him but we are looking forward to see what 2014 brings. Beastro is currently open for stud contract to approved bitches for $2500.

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Beastro and Kandi stay hot; Win big in San Jose

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Beastro wins Best of Breed San Jose

Beastro wins Best of Breed, Kandi Best Champion.


Beastro and his daughter Kandi both appear to have carried their momentum from last month into April. Champion Kandi is now only two wins away from her Grand Champion title after winning Best Champion against some stiff competition in San Jose on Saturday. It is a true testament to the quality of a female when she is able to defeat other Champion males so the journey towards her Grand Champion has been fun. We’re looking  to join her amongst some elite company as only a select group of females have achieved their ABKC Grand Champion title. We are always up to a challenge.

Beastro showed up and showed out like he has done so many times before in his career. The most consistent show dog in the history of the breed, the American Bully that has displayed more longevity than any of his counterparts; Beastro won Best Grand Champion and another Best of Breed. The third of the year for Beastro. Considering he finished 2013 ranked #1 and didn’t get his first win until late April, we like his chances to finish 2014 among the top bullies in the world. Making a 3rd strong run for the top and cementing his legacy as one of the most durable and dominant show dogs the bully community has seen to date. Any dog can have one strong year but three? If the old “dog years” adage holds true of a ratio of 7:1 dog to human years, Beastro’s career will be equivalent to that of a 21+ year veteran in his profession. Love him or hate him he is special. One of , if not THEE greatest so enjoy it while it lasts. Next stop for Beastro and the crew, Oregon.


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