When we decided to add a puppy to our family, I discovered and quickly fell in love with the American Bully breed. I started my research and when I found The Bully Market, I knew I had to have one of your dogs. Having two kids (one being a 5 month old), I wanted to be sure I was bringing a family friendly dog into our home, not only is our puppy beautiful, smart, and playful, he is loving with our children and we enjoy watching them grow up together. You guys have done an amazing job with your dogs, we couldn’t be happier.


I purchased my little boy from “The Bully Market” in September of 2013 and he has been an absolute gem. I have always enjoyed working with dogs but I have to say Abba  (not like the band)  has not needed much work at all! I bought him with no permission from my lady and luckily he won her over in no time……and it wasn’t just because he was a cute little pup, he made things easy and impossible for her to say I told you so. I had the pleasure of visiting Robert and his lovely wife recently and got to meet Beastro.  He came right up to me with no reservations whatsoever and looked me right in the eye asking for affection. All the dogs I met there displayed similar traits. The bully market is producing dogs that could turn any bully or pitaphobic  person in no time.
Another happy customer
Chad Mayo


“Purchasing a bully was overwhelming at first…  With so many breeders out there, it is tough to determine who wants the best for their dogs instead of just getting another one sold.  At least that was the case until I was introduced to The Bully Market.  From the first time I made contact, I knew this is where I would be purchasing my puppy.  While I had an idea of what I wanted, Robert and the crew educated me on what to look for if I purchased elsewhere, while informing me on each litter they had to offer.  It was an easy decision to choose a Beastro puppy, one that I will never regret.”

“Picked up a pup from Beastro and O’fari, March 2014 litter. Love him like a son! Great temperament, intelligence, and drive. Great muscular build. And not too over active. Thanks Rob!!”
         – S Dot Lim

“The Bully Market are perhaps the foremost ambassadors for the Bully breed. Not only are they the most responsible and conscientious breeders, but love their dogs, are helpful to all those interested in the breed and go to great lengths to support those who share their passion. The most recent show they hosted was fantastic and did more for the breed than most others can only wish.”
        -Aly McDorman

 Clean, correct show bullies owned, bred and shown by people who truly care about their dogs and the breed.
     – Julie Banfill

Great experience to meet Rob and see Beastro in person when they came to Tallahassee a couple years ago. Rob is the perfect person to deal with especially since we’re on opposite coast of the US. Very up front, willing to answer any questions, and consistent bloodline. Homie is the truth!
    – Antonio Riley

Quick testimony.. Robert Lee is a stand up guy … he worked with me till I was happy(several phone calls messages emails etc..)… couldn’t be more proud of the female I picked up from The Bully Market
– William OMalley

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